Wash Routine Basics

Wash Routine Basics

We’ve made a simple guide broken down into four steps to keep your cloth nappies clean.

1. Remove

When it’s time for a nappy change, remove the dirty nappy and place into a dry pail. If it has been soiled discard the waste in the toilet removing as much as possible and then store.

2. Rinse/Pre-Wash

A pre-wash every 1-2 days on your nappies at 40-60C (100-140F) with a small amount of laundry detergent (minimize those suds) for about 30 minutes will help remove soil and reduce ammonia build up, ultimately keeping your nappies in their best condition.
If you are using an overnight nappy we suggest performing a daily pre-wash in the morning after the nappy comes off the babe so that the wee does not sit for long. If you have a newborn or are in disposables a nightly pre-wash could work best.
If you prefer to perform a pre-wash on your main wash day, we suggest a nightly rinse either by hand or in the machine to remove soiled products from sitting. If rinsing by hand ensure they are rung out and not soaking between washes. Once ready for a pre-wash, load washer and perform a pre-wash cycle like mentioned above.
Your pre-wash is a good place to add any additions (ie. boosters, water softeners, enzymes, stain removers) that you may like to use. Personally, I decide if we need, or what we need based on how the nappies feel, look and smell (luckily no weird smells yet!). We use an eco-detergent and typically add some BioKleen enzymes if our detergent does not contain any, to help break down the human waste and surfactants. We also use an Oxy Boost about every other wash cycle- especially if we feel the nappies are looking a little dull or need an extra boost.

3. Main Wash Day!

You’ve made it to wash day, YAY! Time to make those nappies sparkle. About every 3 days, you’ll want to given your nappies their good long wash to get them clean and ready to go back on bub. This will have all of your pre-washed nappies in the drum of your washer filled about 2/3 full so that they can properly scrub one another. Add your detergent based on manufacture recommendations (don’t forget powder will go directly in the drum of the washer) and run at 40-60C (100-140F) for about 2-3 hours. You can cut the time on this if you’d like to add an extra hot rinse(s) after.

4. Hang Dry

Now that your nappies have finished their wash it’s time to let them dry. We ultimately recommend inserts be dried in the sun, with fresh air to help naturally freshen them up and remove shadow stains- but we also know seasons, motherhood and time can hinder this! Two other natural drying tools are a peg line hanger or a mobile drying rack that can be taken outside, placed by a sunny window or nearby a furnace. Inserts can also be tumbled dry on low or used to soften natural textiles after air drying. Before storing inserts, make sure inserts are 100% dry to promote longevity.

 If you have any questions or specifics about washing your nappies, contact us anytime!

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