Get To Know Us


Get To Know Us

Thanks so much for stopping by our shop!

My name is Lauren and alongside my husband, Ben and our son, Waylon, we are the family behind jemma + way. Based out of California we’re working to bring on a variety of international cloth nappies from around the world. Including, Australia, New Zealand, Canada and the United Kingdom!

My mission is to encourage every mother on their cloth journey, no matter where they are at. We know that every little babe is different and constantly changing (way too fast!) and that family circumstances, budget, wash routines, lifestyles are evolving right alongside it.

I love this new era of cloth diapering that we’ve entered- where we’ve created a community of encouragement and support when it comes to transitioning to cloth. If you didn't know, as of 2017, the average infant uses an estimated 2,200 disposable diapers by their first birthday and each of those diapers will take nearly 500 years to decompose! That's insane.

So, whether you use cloth 24/7, on the weekends, day shifts only, or just whenever your stash is clean and dry- any amount is something, and something to be proud of!


Our Story

In all honesty, we are new to cloth and Waylon does run around in disposables at Grandma’s and sometimes at night. I’m not a expert, with years of experience, and I think that’s more than okay! I’m here to share what I know, while learning along the way. I’m here to inspire, encourage and overall open up the vast world of MCN to bring some options to fellow mamas.

While I would have started with cloth after Waylon was born, we lived in a small, one bedroom home without a washer on site. As a first time mom, the thought of transporting dirty diapers every couple of days with a newborn stressed me out. Then, after months of daily blowouts becoming our norm, rinsing off poo and laying onesies out in the sun, I finally told my husband, “heck, we got this!”

After months of research and collecting diapers I started to find an extensive array of international brands offering the most absolute gorgeous, functional nappies.

Once I got my hands on some MCNs, they instantly became a favorite and I had to share! I found so much joy in creating a smaller stash of quality diapers, in prints that I loved, that it made the sustainable swap easier on me as a new mom.

The reason switching to a sustainable option has been so important to me is because I want our son surrounded and immersed in a sustainable culture and home. Where it can become his new “normal” and hopefully, naturally inspire him to continue these practices throughout his own future. Fingers crossed!