Nappy Essentials

We wanted to create a resource of some of our favorite Amazon essentials that can help you with your cloth journey! We know that two-day shipping is hard to beat, especially as mom's it can be almost a miracle in a pinch. So we've made an easy to reference page that'll take you right to some of our favorites that maybe you've been searching for. 

Laundry Essentials

My favorite laundry essential has definitely been our Bamboo Drying Rack. Clean, modern and compact, it offers a solution for me to hang the nappies up after a wash and carry them out to the deck for some fresh air and then simply carry them back inside after the sunsets. Another popular choice is a Stainless Steel Hanging Rack for your laundry room. Carry these outdoors and back in without having to handle your nappies multiple times! You may also have an outdoor clothes line and find ordering some extra Outdoor Pegs handy to have. 

If you haven't noticed on our IG we are totally obsessed with our Strucket as well. It's simple, but highly functional. We love how multipurpose it is from storing nappies to cleaning toddler toys it does it all! This Australian company we would love to bring into our shop at some point, but for now you can order directly through their site to ship to the US or click the link above for their US distributor. But something like laundry wire basket is totally functional and cute for your nappies as well.

We found this Laundress Stain Brush super handy to gently agitate those vibrant breastfed stains away with a little help from our favorite stain remover.

With sustainability and living a low-tox lifestyle, we use alternative detergents and soaps for washing our cloth nappies and adding in BioKleen Enzymes has been the perfect addition to getting a good clean, especially for those overnight nappies. We also found the traditional Borox to be a bit too strong so we've been using Charlie's Soap Booster and Hard Water Treatment to help manage some mild hard water in our home and have been happy with the results so far! (Let us know if you try this!)

Along with laundry comes handling of baby poo.... Maybe you dunk & swish (guilty!), maybe you use liners, or a designated spatula to do the job, or maybe you want to dive straight into a sprayer system. The Aquas Spray Mate and the SmarterFresh Handheld Bidet both are easily attachable to your toilet system and have come highly recommended by other cloth diapering moms! 

Nappy Accessories

Now if you've grabbed a couple of pre-flats from our site it can be handy to pick up a few Cloth Diaper Pins or the popular Snappi to fasten them before your little one runs off. 

A really handy and multi-purpose piece I'd recommend adding to your home are some pre-folds. Pre-folds like the one's in our shop by Petite Crown or these ones from OsoCozy off of Amazon are great for those newborn days to help create a leg seal so all that newborn poo doesn't escape. Once fully prepped they can be the perfect upgrade to some of your standard pocket diapers when they outgrow their absorbency. Pre-folds are a great item to have around as burp cloths, wash rags, and easy clean-ups after baby is out of cloth as well!

Mom's have also recommended that when a baby starts leaking or out-wetting some of their normal setups, sometimes the addition of a small hemp insert (especially for nights or naps) can help get you a little further. Hemp is a natural textile that is highly absorbent and can be a wonderful addition to cotton or bamboo inserts, creating almost a holy trinity for absorption. These Thirsties Hemp Inserts are made in the USA with 55% hemp and 45% organic cotton, and come sized so you can easily find the perfect match. 

Wipes are an easy eco-friendly switch that can be added directly into your nappy wash. You can repurpose scrap fabrics or materials at home (such as terry towels, old flannels, baby washclothes) and cut them into sized squares or your can add a few of these EcoNaps Wipes to your next order! We love the soft, gentle, and protective nature of Noleo 3-in-1 but creating your own wipe solution with a mild soap like Dr. Bronner's Unscented Castile Soap with a few drops of essential in some water can also be the perfect recipe. 


We'll continue to work on this page to create a resource to make your cloth diapering journey even easier. Email us at with any tips, suggestions or advice you think we should include.


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